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Ayoa – Mind Mapping and Task Management

Ayoa – Mind Mapping and Task Management
Ayoa – Mind Mapping and Task Management

Features you’ll love

Ayoa is a visual work platform that works for every team, unique combination of Mind Mapping and Task Management features.

Radial Maps

Brainstorm great ideas and achieve your goals with Radial Maps in Ayoa.

Give structure to your aims and ideas by presenting them in a visual pie-chart, and easily determine your priorities by adjusting the sizes of the segments in your map to signify their importance.

Public Mind Map Sharing

Public Mind Map Sharing enables you to share your Mind Maps with multiple people, making it the perfect way to collaborate in meetings or at events.

Just set your map to ‘Public’, then share the link with anyone you like – even if they don’t have an Ayoa account!


Mind Mapping

Expand your creative thinking and generate new ideas with the visual thinking tool loved by millions of people worldwide.

Choose Speed Mind Maps to quickly collate ideas, or super-creative Organic Mind Maps for full customization of branches with placement, color, images and more.

Gantt Timeline View

With Ayoa’s Gantt Timeline View, easily create your own Gantt-style charts to achieve more effective time management.

See everything you need to do (and when) at a glance by setting Start and Due Dates for tasks, adding Milestones and charting your progress in a clear timeline.



Visual task management

Unlike any other app, Ayoa breaks the mold on what you expect from task management, so your creative ideas can flourish.

Break free from lists and spreadsheets and choose between a selection of visual boards to suit any project.

Real-time collaboration

When faced with a project or decision, use the power of teamwork to explore all of your creative solutions.

By inviting friends and colleagues to your Mind Maps and Task Boards, you can work together at the same time, and get the most out of your collective brain power.

See the big picture

When you’re working hard on a task, it’s easy to get lost in the detail and lose sight of your overall goal.

With its uniquely visual interface, Ayoa allows you to see an overview of your projects and view as much or as little detail as necessary.

Everything in one place

By combining idea generation, task management and instant messaging, all your work is kept in one space, so you can spend less time switching between apps.

The task side panel is a powerful space to store those all-important details, including Due Dates, File Attachments and Checklists.

Work to your style

Whether you prefer a visual approach, or something more structured, enjoy flexibility for the entire team with multiple Task Board views to work from. These include Canvas, Workflow, Urgency Lists, and Completed.

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